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Humber Fitness and Rec website

Designed for Humber FitRec

Humber asked us to analyze the Humber Recreation&Fitness website and utilize UX design fundamentals to help improve the accessibility and overall usability of the website to help benefit those looking for information regarding fitness, mental health and wellness.

My Role 

​UX/UI Designer

  • User Research

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Usability Testing


Duration  3 months   

June - Aug 2022


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User Interview & User's Walk Through


Our team conducted 6 User Interviews to learn more about users' booking experiences.

Interview Questions

  • Which website did you use to book your vaccination appointment?

  • How was your overall vaccine booking experience?

  • What made you feel good or bad about that website, and why? (Details)

  • Regional, pharmacy(Costco / Shopperdrug mart / Raxell / Nofills / Walmart) , province gov, school, hospital, private organization  

  • How did you get your vaccination passport?

  • Have you tried to book for someone else?

  • How was your overall vaccine booking experience?

  • What made you feel good or bad about that website, and why? (Details)



  • Long instruction, the user either skips it or misread it 

  • Most users missed the check box (to click to book an appointment/ passport)

  • International students who secured the 1st/2nd outside of Canada have trouble getting the vaccine passport for Ontario.

  • Unclear/don't know about what is the vaccine passport (maybe need to reword it)

  • Repeated process for both booking and passport

  • Users don't know whether to choose the Ontario/pharmacy  

  • Users don't understand some wording of the screening question.

  • Not sure which location is the nearest location 

  • "It would be nice if the pharmacy was in order."

Card Sorting

Information Architecture

FitRec Final Bernice&Patrick_Page_07.jpg

User Flow


FitRec Final Bernice&Patrick_Page_22.jpg

Final Design - Clickable prototype

Created with Figma

Experience Prototype Video

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