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AccessNow App Redesign

Accessibility Navigation App


AccessNow is a community-driven app that pinpoints accessible locations on an interactive map. AccessNow provides a unique experience for its target. Like all other map applications, users can find local business interests in targeted areas and have accommodations for users with disabilities. 

My Role

UX/UI Designer

  • User Research​

  • Prototyping

  • Usability Testing

  • Data Visualization

Duration     7 weeks


2 UX/UI Designers

2 UX Researchers

1 Content Strategist

1 Web Developer



Timeline    March- April 2022

Design Process


This app hopes to support people with disabilities and provide an experience that caters to everyday challenges. This includes:

  • Hearing/Visual impairment

  • Mobility limitation

The Problems


  • Unclear instruction 

  • Lack of graphic

  • Imbalance colour contrast

  • Unclear icon legend

Our Solutions


  • Provide clear instructions

  • Visualize the accessibility tags on the filter page

  • Ensure Text and buttons are in the appropriate size

  • Balance the overall colour contrast 

  • Ensure to meet all user’s needs and goals

Research Findings

User Needs

  • Clear navigation

  • Legible contents and icons 

  • Clear instruction

  • More graphics

  • More up-to-date information 

  • Description text for all links & photos

  • To have a fun and friendly community

  • To be able to review others’ comment

  • To have a visualize the accessibility tags on the filter page

  • To have a balanced colour contrast



Usability Testing

From the five user testing sessions our group conducted, we found some issues we had to synthesize. The users testing the application fit our demographic with accessibility issues like mobility issues, age, people without disabilities, and people who want to help the community in general. The most significant problems we have seen from the prototype testing were the identifiers of the tags, where users did not understand some of the meanings of some of the tags. Problems we addressed earlier in the user interviews have mostly been received positively. The need for visualization and teaching helped users navigate the application.

Usability Testing Insights

Metro page 3.gif
Add review to metro.gif

Figma Clickable Prototype


This project helped me gain a deeper understanding of the importance of accessibility design. As a UX designer, I strongly feel how crucial my mission is to create a better experience for social good and to create more inclusive products to help people with different needs. 

​If we have more time...

  • Conduct more interviews with stakeholders to deeper understand end-users

  • Improve professionalism with interview and usesibility testing skills

  • Improve communication skills to be more effective and efficiency

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