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Hi, there!

My name is Baohua Zheng; you can also call me Bernice. I'm a UX/UI & Visual designer based in Toronto, ON. 

Academically, I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in User Experience Design from Humber College, Toronto, ON, Canada and an M.A. in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA, USA. While fascinated with all aspects of Product design, I specialize in ideation, UX and visual design. I love diving into why and how people use things.


I believe design can create a better relationship between humans and products. 


Other Creative Skills

I have over five years of work experience in graphic and industrial design.  

I am always learning, thinking, solving, and creating.  


In my design journey, I initially fell in love with visual design. I have done many side projects related to graphic design in my free time.



I received a BFA in Industrial design. I found myself really into furniture design, and I like woodworking, making things by hands.

I love the smell of wood and enjoy touching and feeling the beauty of materials.



I love using cameras to record my life and collect inspiration. I also have about two years of experience working in a design and photography studio, responsible for product shooting, photos, and video editing.

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